Hidehiro Yonezawa's Quantum Optics Lab

at UNSW Canberra, Australia

Our research interests lie in quantum optics and quantum information. We have been working on quantum-enhanced protocols and measurements such as quantum teleportation, quantum-enhanced phase estimation, quantum parameter estimation, generation of non-Gaussian quantum states/gates, large-scale quantum entanglement, quantum tomography, quantum control and coherent-feedback control.

Recent activities

March 2020 The paper "Feasibility study of a coherent feedback squeezer" was published in Physical Review A.

February 2020 The paper "Feasibility study of a coherent feedback squeezer" was accepted in Physical Review A.

February 2020 We attended the CQC2T Workshop 2020 in Kingscliff NSW.

December 2019 The paper "Feasibility study of a coherent feedback squeezer" was uploaded in the arXiv.

November 2019 The paper "Characterization of entangling properties of quantum measurement via two-mode quantum detector tomography using coherent state probes" was published in Optics Express.

October 2019 The paper "Generation of time-domain-multiplexed two-dimensional cluster state" was published in the Science.

October 2019 Dr David McManus has joined us as a research associate.

May 2019 The review paper "Sensing and tracking enhanced by quantum squeezing" was published in the Photonic Research.

May 2019 The paper "Two-stage Estimation for Quantum Detector Tomography: Error Analysis, Numerical and Experimental Results" was uploaded in the arXiv.

May 2019 We visited A/Prof Lobino's group at Griffith.

May 2019 We joined CV Quantum Information and Optical Quantum Technology workshop at RMIT.

April 2019 The paper "Filter-Based Feedback Control for a Class of Markovian Open Quantum Systems" was published in the IEEE Control Systems Letters.

April 2019 We held 1st Quantum Science, Engineering and Technology Conference (qSET) at UNSW Canberra.

March 2019 The paper "Time-Domain Multiplexed 2-Dimensional Cluster State: Universal Quantum Computing Platform" was uploaded in the arXiv.

March 2019 The paper "Quantum gate identification: Error analysis, numerical results and optical experiment" was published in the Automatica

February 2019 We joined UTokyo-ANU workshop.

February 2019 Mr Asavanant (PhD student from University of Tokyo) visited us as a junior visiting research fellow.

February 2019 We joined CQC2T annual workshop at Sydney.

January 2019 The paper "Quantum-limited fiber-optic phase tracking beyond 𝜋 range" was published in the Optics Express.

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